Ever wondered just what is the Internet?

The Internet

The Internet, common terminologies; the Net, the World Wide Web, and The Web.

The Internet comprises a global network of interconnected computer networks. All of these networks use a common Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to communicate with one another. Together they provide the service which we call “The Internet”, to billions of users around the world.

The interconnected computer networks which make up the Internet number in the millions and range in origin, location and purpose. Some are for academic, public, private, government or business usage. All are linked through a multitude of electronic, fibre optical, and wireless technologies.

Multi Coloured Ethernet Cables

Within each home or workplace these come in the form of routers, cabling and associated devices. On a national scale, the internet is made up of the vast networks of electronic and fibre optic cabling networks. These are the networks which we commonly see maintained by organisations such as BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, and Sky in the UK (Comcast, AOL, AT&T, and Verizon in the US).

The Internet Vs The Web

Though both The Internet and the Web are terms commonly used interchangeably in everyday speak, the Internet is actually the vehicle which carries and provides a range of services. One of those ‘services’ is what we commonly call the World Wide Web.

Man Typing on Laptop

The Web is just one of a number of services carried by the internet. The web consists of countless documents (web pages and other resources) all interconnected and linked up by hyperlinks and URLs.

Beyond the Web, other services carried by the Internet include online games, email, file transferring (FTP) and remote access facilities.

Where does the name come from? The term, the Internet, is born from the concept of “Interconnected Networks”.